Practice Canceled for Wednesday January 3rd


Due to expected inclement weather practice has been canceled for Wednesday January 3rd. Stay safe and see y’all soon!


Race Report for Saturday June 24, 2017

19437527_1550130441677447_1745333077915171754_nOn the schedule for Saturday’s race at Silverstone were 68-80 Classic Sports Prototype and Group C. We had a great turnout of 12 drivers.

After the morning practice session and tech inspections, the days’ events began with the 68-80 Classic Sports Prototype division race. The race consisted of 12 – 3  minute heats. First on the track were Larry, Dave, Joe, and Jim. Dave quickly took and maintained race lead through the end of heat one but rotated out to return later. Joe took the race lead in heat two and held onto it until heat four when Larry passed him in laps for the lead. Larry maintained race lead until heat seven when Dan took over. Heat seven was a rough one for Spencer as he fell out with only 25 laps on the board due to motor failure.


Dan continued to extend his race lead in heat 8 before rotating out. Heats 9-12 see Ed, Joe, Dave and Bob give it their best to try to catch Dan but none of them had anything for him and he took the win with 143 laps. Ed was second with 130, Joe a close third with 129 and Dave rounded out the top four with 123. Although recording 124 laps, Jim’s score was unofficial as a result of having to go to a backup car.


The second event of the day was the Group C Endurance race. The drivers decided to run a 12 – 5   minute heat format. First to the line were Dan, Joe, Larry, and Keri. Starting P1 Dan took an early lead in heat one and ran his race straight through. After completing his four heats he’d recorded 241 laps and set the pace…an average of approximately 60 laps per heat! The remaining drivers pushed their cars to the limits in an attempt to match or beat Dan’s score. Several drivers suffered mechanical issues and fell way off pace. It looked like Dan was going to take this event as well until with a mere five seconds remaining on the clock when Bob took the lead and the race win with 243 laps! Dan was a close second with 241, Dave third with 229 and Spencer rounded out the top four close behind with 227.

19511272_1550130498344108_841470467872006079_n (1)

We welcomed another new driver this week, Rob! Great first showing at Barn Burners and we hope to see you on a regular basis!


Missing from today’s event were- Mike, Saki, Joey (enjoying a trip to the Burgh, not to be confused with the Burg) and newest drivers Curlz, and Red (sidelined on concussion protocol due to a non-racing incident). We hope to see them back in action soon!

Sorry Y’all, the one thing I neglected to do for today’s race report was to get the make and model of the top 4 cars. (I’ll l blame it on my head 😜). Next race report I’ll make sure to get that from each driver.

Congratulations to both drivers on their wins! And thanks to everyone for a great job in turn-marshaling and helping everything to run so smoothly! Looking forward to our next race!

Final Results

Classic Sports Prototype
Dan – 143
Ed – 130
Joe – 129
Jim – 124 (unofficial)
Dave – 123
Bob – 115
Rob – 114
Larry – 113
Ron – 109
Kristi – 107
Keri – 77
Spencer – 25 (motor failure)

Group C
Bob – 243
Dan – 241
Dave – 229
Spencer – 227
Jim – 223
Rob – 222
Ed – 219
Larry – 205
Kristi – 204
Ron – 198
Keri – 179
Joe – 140